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High Quality Micro Switches Enec Dpdt Kw3a

KW3A 1>Micro switches 2> silver plated contact 3>Nylon 94V-2 or 94V-0 fire-resistant material. 4>Rating:16A250V,16A125V 5>ENEC,UL,CQC approval 6>2NO+2NC 7>Electrical Life:10,000 cycles at full load


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  • High Quality Micro Switches Enec Dpdt Kw3a

    KW3A twins micro switches

    1>Micro switches

    2> silver plated contact

    3>Nylon 94V-2  or 94V-0 fire-resistant material.



    6>ENEC,UL,CQC approval

    7>Electrical Life:10,000 cycles at full load

    8>Number of Switch: Single Control Switch

    9>Size: Big-Sized

    10>Breaking Capacity: Micro-Current

    11>Application: Microwave Oven

    12>Rated Current: 16A

    13>HS Code: 85365000

    14>Pressing Type: Lever Roller

    15>Protection: Dust-Proof

    16>Environment: ﹤250℃

    17>Breaking Form: Double Type

    18>Operating Force: 2 N-4 N

    19>Rated Voltage: 125VAC/250VAC

    20>Trademark: YZ

    Product Description

    Breif information of Push Button Micro Switch:

    Micro Switch controls of "On and Off" action. It is easy to manipulate the applications. We could provide you our high quality Microswitch products. Just take one simple action, you can set up all your electronic equipment. All our micro switches are activated by leaver or button. If you like some special forms, please contact us for further custom switches. We, Xiamen Universal Electronic Co., Ltd make our 16A Micro Switch to fit kinds of your max-needs.

    Function and Characteristics of Snap Action Switch:

    *Long life, high reliability.
    *Safe reliable basic switch.
    *Variety of levers and connect terminals.
    *A variety of models with low operating force to high force are sensitivity.
    *Nice appearance, tight configuration, characteristic, quick action and high sensitivity.
    *Mainly used in microwave oven, air condition, electric cooker, dishwasher, cleaner, humidifier, Water heater, electric drill, joystick, TV game, time recorder, solder gun, mixer, Food processor, juice maker, alarm, mixer, shredder machine, etc

    Item Value
    Operating Speed 0.1mm~1m/s(Related with actuator forms)
    Operating Frequency Mechanical 60 cycles/min; Electrical 30 cycles/min
    Insulation Resistance > =100 ohm(500VDC)
    Contact resistance < =30ohm(Initial value)
    Test Voltage
    Between terminals of the same polarirty AC1000V, 50/60Hz, 1min
    Between current-carrying metal
    And ground(case), and between
    Each terminal and non-carrying
    metal parts
    AC3750V, 50/60Hz, 1min
    Vibration resistance 10-55Hz, 1.5mm Double amplitude
    Shork Resistance
    OF> 0.5N: 1000m/s ² (approx. 100G)max
    OF< =0.5N: 500m/s ² (approx. 50G)max
    OF> 0.5N: 300m/s ² (approx. 30G)max
    OF< =0.5N: 200m/s ² (approx. 20G)max
    Life Expectancy Mechnical> =5000000 cycles
    Electrical> =50000 cycles
    Degree of protection IEC IP40
    Degree of protection against electric shock Class I
    PTI(Tracking Resistance) 175
    Ambient air temperature 125degree60%RH below(No ice and dew)
    Ambient air humidity 85% Rhbelow(about +5~+35degree)
    Weight Approx. 5.95g(No lever)

    Notes: Shows the operating force of no lever

    Degree of
    No Mark: T125
    Terminal Types
    A: 250 Quick-connect Terminal
    B: 187 Quick-connect terminal(Thick: 0.8)
    C: 187 Quick-connect terminal(Thick: 0.5)
    D: Solder/187 common terminal
    E: Screw terminal
    F: Solder terminal
    G: 250 Quick terminal No. 2
    Y: Not standard terminal
    16: 16(4)A250VAC/16A125VAC
    1/2HP 125/250VAC
    10: 10(3)A250VAC/10A125VAC
    6: 6(2)A250VAC/6A125VAC
    1: 1(1)A250VAC/1A125VAC
    Operating Force
    051: 0.5N
    025: 0.25N
    050: 0.5N
    100: 1N
    150: 1.5N
    200: 2N
    300: 3N
    400: 4N
    Connect Forms
    1A: SPDT
    2A: SPST-NO
    3A: SPST-NC
    Plunger specs
    No mark: Standard Plunger
    A: Middle Plunger
    B: Long Plunger
    C: Abnormality Plunger
    ( see dirgram )
    Notice: If adopt other not standard plunger, the indicate with the new spec(confirmed by our company)
    Acuator forms
    0: No lever
    A 1/1: Short lever
    A 2/2: Long lever
    A 3/3: Middle lever
    A 4/4: Short Roller
    A 5/5: Long Roller
    A 6/6: Arc lever
    A 0/0: Not standard lever
    1) A indicate the lever near to the
    Plunger, no A indicate the lever far
    Away from the plunger.
    2) If lever is amounted besides, add letter" B" after the lever code.
    3) 0 Indicate not standard lever
    Additional Specis Numbers
    Apply to:
    1)When used not standard parts such as not standard terminals;
    2)When Customer has particular Operating value or other requirement
    3) When the case is mot black, for example, grey shows as G.
    Additional specs number shows by Arabic numerals or Latin. color code after the numbers. If there is no Additional numbers, the place is vacant


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